Ho Chi Minh Trail

Ho Chi Mihn Trail Trail Distance: 2.4 miles Best time to hike: Year Around Click Here for driving direction If you hike south on the beach you will come to a weird mushroom type house that is owned by the university and parking lot. You can follow that road back up to get to your […]
Trail Distance: 2.4 miles   Difficulty: 7.5   Scenery: 8.5   Map Info: 6

Iron Mountain Trail

This heart-thumping trail takes you through boulder fields to the eastern mountains. Perfect for climbers and getting that out-of-the-city feeling.
Trail Distance: 5.8 Miles   Difficulty: 6   Scenery: 7   Map Info: 7

El Capitan Open Space Preserve

The trail to El Cajon Mountain in the El Capitan Open Space Preserve is one of the most difficult in San Diego County. Only the truly hardy and resolute need apply!
Trail Distance: 14 Miles   Difficulty: 9   Scenery: 8   Map Info: 7

El Cajon Mountain

Considered one of the most difficult climbs in San Diego County, the journey to El Cajon Mountain goes through Silverdome and El Capitan for 3 separate peak experiences.
Trail Distance: 11.8 Miles   Difficulty: 8   Scenery: 8   Map Info: 8