Highland Valley

Along the south bank of Lake Hodges lies the lush Highland Valley Trail. Just south of the Coast to Crest Trail, Highland Valley is your short, easy-going option.
Trail Distance: 4 Miles   Difficulty: 3   Scenery: 6   Map Info: 5

Daley Ranch

Hikers of all levels can enjoy the trails of Daley Ranch. Though the majority of the paths are easy and flat, the sheer number of side trails offers plenty of potential for exploration.
Trail Distance: 4.2 Miles   Difficulty: 4   Scenery: 8   Map Info: 8

Cowles Mountain

Cowles Mountain is the highest peak within the city limits, making it one of SD's most popular climbs due to its proximity and views of East County and South Bay.
Trail Distance: 3 Miles   Difficulty: 6   Scenery: 7   Map Info: 8