Monserate Mountain

With ocean vistas to the west, Mount Palomar to the east and avocado-cloaked hills in between, it’s no wonder Monserate Mountain is the site of the annual Memorial Hill Climb for Fire Fighters.
Trail Distance: 4.5 Miles   Difficulty: 7   Scenery: 7   Map Info: 9

San Miguel Mountain

Steeper than the popular Cowles Mountain with half the amount of foot traffic with rolling grasslands all around. This mountain trail is best for those looking to get in a good run.
Trail Distance: 2.73 Miles   Difficulty: 7   Scenery: 9   Map Info: 8

Los Penasquitos Canyon

Looking for a hike with great views without the steep mountain trails? Los Penasquitos is relatively flat with streams, marshes and ponds that set the scene for impressive bird watching.
Trail Distance: 4.7 Miles   Difficulty: 4   Scenery: 7   Map Info: 8

Lake Poway to Mount Woodson

Home of the oft-photographed Potato Chip Rock, the trail to Mount Woodson is no cake walk. Some steep hills in the unrelenting heat, but the view of North County is worth it.
Trail Distance: 8.7 Miles   Difficulty: 6   Scenery: 8   Map Info: 8

Hollenbeck Canyon

With rolling hills as far as the eye can see, Hollenbeck Canyon is a welcome sight in East County. Picturesque oak groves shade a creek from the ruthless Jamul sun.
Trail Distance: 4-6 Miles   Difficulty: 6   Scenery: 7   Map Info: 5

Iron Mountain Trail

This heart-thumping trail takes you through boulder fields to the eastern mountains. Perfect for climbers and getting that out-of-the-city feeling.
Trail Distance: 5.8 Miles   Difficulty: 6   Scenery: 7   Map Info: 7

Highland Valley

Along the south bank of Lake Hodges lies the lush Highland Valley Trail. Just south of the Coast to Crest Trail, Highland Valley is your short, easy-going option.
Trail Distance: 4 Miles   Difficulty: 3   Scenery: 6   Map Info: 5

Hidden Torrey Pines Hike

Page paid for by Las Vegas Printing Companies Hidden Torrey Pines Trail Distance: 2 Miles Best time to hike: Any Time Directions:Mar Senic Dr and Cordero Rd Hidden Torrey Pines State Reserve Surrounded by a residential area and tucked away from the rest of the State park lays a secluded area not many locals even […]
Trail Distance: 2 Miles   Difficulty: 5   Scenery: 9   Map Info: 7

El Capitan Open Space Preserve

The trail to El Cajon Mountain in the El Capitan Open Space Preserve is one of the most difficult in San Diego County. Only the truly hardy and resolute need apply!
Trail Distance: 14 Miles   Difficulty: 9   Scenery: 8   Map Info: 7

Daley Ranch

Hikers of all levels can enjoy the trails of Daley Ranch. Though the majority of the paths are easy and flat, the sheer number of side trails offers plenty of potential for exploration.
Trail Distance: 4.2 Miles   Difficulty: 4   Scenery: 8   Map Info: 8