Roberts Ranch Trail

Roberts Ranch Trail

Trail Distance:2-20 Miles
Best time to hike: Fall,Spring
Directions: Japatul Valley Rd Exit South on Japatul Valley Rd.Immediately on your left hand side is an empty field.Entrance is a horse gate at very southern tip of fence.
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Roberts Ranch Trail

Really fun hike to take the kids and pets. About and acre empty field starts the journey as you follow the trail you go through the woods. Really nice on a cool spring day. You come across a few little streams which carry Baja California Tree frogs. As you keep going you enter into a GIANT field. About 20 acres or so. Just gently rolling hills and grass. Great for picnics and nice little walks where you don’t want to break to much of a sweat. By the time you get to this field you will probably see about 40 cows or so. This fun because my dogs love to play with them. You can stay in this area or you can continue east and you will just keep going until you hit Las Bances-Horsethief Rd. You can take it north to get to the freeway, or take it south to Martin Way which will lead back to Japatul Valley Rd. I dont recommend this route if you not up for about a 8 hour hike. By the time you reach the rd. You would have already gone about 2 miles away from the trail head. Hope you enjoy really is just fun walk.
Maria G.

“If you walk all the way across the meadow, about 0.5 mile farther east, you’ll come upon the remnants of a century-old ditch designed (but never used) to shunt water from Pine Valley Creek into the San Diego River drainage. Other segments of this would-be aqueduct can be seen along the Secret Canyon Trail, which runs south from Pine Valley through the Pine Valley Creek gorge”

AllenSan Diego ,Ca

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