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San Diego Hiking Trails

Lake Poway to Mount Woodson
Trail Distance: 8.7 Miles,
Best Times to Hike:: All Year Round,
How to get there: Lake Poway and Espola Rd
I did this hike on a Saturday afternoon. I only ran into three other hikers the whole way up. You start the hike at nice public park in Poway and follow a fire trail that overlooks the Poway dam for about 3 miles. The trail narrows as you start to climb the mountain. The trail is well marked and kept in great condition. The trail gets steep at times but overall I would give it a 6/10 for difficulty. The view from the top amazing on a clear day you can see the ocean, Downtown San Diego, Iron Mountain HWY 67.

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Up took 2 hrs and down 1 h 20 min with two teenagers. 3 bottles of water feels like a minimum, snacks or sandwiches also. Was 97 degrees when we got back to the parking.

Nice hike with beautiful views. The earlier you leave the parking the better since it gets hot. And no swimming in the lake.
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Date: 2013-02-16 20:11:57
Ok it was not that hard a hike and I did it with a bike I would up load photo if I could. I took me three hours up and one hour down and I was scared but well worth it
still kicks my butt
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Date: 2012-07-28 15:29:57
i've down this hike 3 times this month and it still kicks my butt every time. fyi, there's a $5 park entry if you are not a poway residence. there are nice bathrooms at the park before your hike. as a woman, i appreciate that! :) the signage is cofusing about total distance - looks to me to be 8.4 miles round trip but there is no sign that gives total distance. first part is just a lot of steady uphill walking on a wide, even dirt road - maybe 40 minutes? then you start climbing some short steep switchbacks once you make the left turn. that's the hardest part with raising your feet higher to step on rocks. the last 1.3 miles to the summit is actually easier than the middle so if you make it to the shady tree overlook where a lot of people rest - don't give up since you've just completed the kick-butt part! most people stop at the potato chip rock just below the communication towers. that's pretty much the top unless you really want to walk the last few feet to see a bunch of towers and wires! i take 3 bottles of water but usually only drink 2. i bring the extra for the idiots who only brought 1! see a lot of young people try this in flip flops, guys with no shirts, no water bottles. just plain stupid. wear shoes with good traction, bring and drink water, bring a snack for a break at the top. good thing about reaching the summit? - if u r in decent shape you can jog all the way back! love this hike. great, great workout! oh - and it's busy enough on weekends to do alone, even if your female, as there are plenty of others travelers. safety in numbers but bring your cell too!
Social Trail Running for Warriors!
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Date: 2012-04-28 12:50:41
We have this hike scheduled for 12 May at 10am! We have a big group of active people who love getting outdoors! Look us up!
Definitely check this trail out!
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Date: 2012-03-05 18:29:39
My boyfriend and I decided to try this trail since there was warm weather last weekend. Based on everyone else's ratings and reviews, we figured it wasn't as intense as the 3 sisters hike out in Ramona. This particular hike was totally worth it to climb to the summit. Our goal was to take some photos of the potato chip cliff which surprisingly, wasn't that crowded and was really cool to climb. It's all uphill since you're hiking up the mountain, so the way back is fairly easy (going downhill). We were able to jog almost the whole way down. It is a longer hike so bring lots of water and snacks. We brought lunch and ate on the summit overlooking San Diego all the way to the coast. It was a great view and totally worth the effort. I highly recomend this to anyone who's looking for a mini outdoor adventure.

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