GREEN MARKERS Easy, relatively flat trails and leisure nature hikes that are suitable for all levels.

      BLUE MARKERSWhat we consider being “intermediate” trails. These hikes may be long or have patches of steepness.

      RED MARKERSWe hope you’re really physically fit and mentally prepared, because these hikes are for the pros.

      Recently added hiking trails

      Welcome to the San Diego Hiking Association

      Welcome to the online community for San Diego outdoor enthusiasts.

      When David Hay, one of the founding members, first started hiking in San Diego in 2005, there weren’t a whole lot of resources. Searches for in-depth trail information were often ended in frustration; every site wanted you to join or sign up in exchange for relatively generic and useless data. So he created a list of trails to which he added his own personal notes. Over time, his collection of notes became far more informative and comprehensive than anything his internet searches came up with. So he turned those notes into a website and integrated Google maps and images to create the first completely free internet resource for hiking in San Diego County.

      This is an interactive site; we became as big as we are because of you. We post events such as organized hikes, picnics and retreats for our entire online community to join in. Send us suggestions and post comments, please! We love that stuff.